Sunday, January 13, 2008

VOWOL's new email subscription?


To continue getting those VOWOL email updates... please click on the following feedburner link (Only two fields: one for your email address, and the other to verify a code that's displayed).

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These updates will NOT spam you or sell your email address. You'll get an email probably about 3 times a month. I've crashed my personal yahoo and gmail accounts, so this is a necessary step.

(You can always change your mind and unsubscribe! But by NOT subscribing to this, you won't get any updates. And hey, even if you have not come recently, I'd love for you to subscribe just so you can see what's going on in the world of VOWOL.)

Also, these emails now are listed on the website (click on top right "Calendar" link). You'll see some of our upcoming guests.

Thank you for your efforts in staying in touch -- 



As of January 13th, we have openings for February's month-long VOWOL!

Prepay $150 for February

email or call 310-570-6213 for any questions!

Upcoming Guests

Jan 17th, 2008-- Mari Weiss
Jan 24th, 2008 -- Miata Edoga (of -- special 6pm start, 7:30 regular work out lounge
Jan 31st, 2008 -- MJ Lallo

Feb 7th, 2008 -- Breath and Relaxation in the booth with Yoga Instructor Wendy O. 

And more to come!