Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Makes You Feel VOWOL Again.

If you are on this or any VO email subscriptions, you are probably in it for the long haul.

Or, maybe you are finding other things that take up more of your interest and time, and your curiosity is waning.

Maybe your efforts are not generating the rewards you want; for example: being paid regularly, getting an agent, getting an agent that gets you auditions, getting an agent that gets you work, being able to deliver on the first take. That makes what you love all the more challenging.

Wherever you are in your career or interest in VO, there are countless wonderful and helpful opportunities in Los Angeles to study and work with the best. VOWOL has always made itself a portal for you to connect with those, either through special guests or through talking with other professionals who can share their experiences.

VOWOL is still around. After a few months of individual training sessions and bookings, we have found a way to prepare for some new year's resolutions, and not only expand the idea of being a portal for you, but fill a niche we think you'll find useful.

But in the meantime, enjoy your last month of the year, and celebrate the victories you have had personally and professionally. It's sometimes easy to forget, isn't it?

All the best... and if you have any questions, or strategies you'd like to run by, drop a line to roy@vowol.com