Monday, April 28, 2008

Play it, Sam. Play 'As VOWOL Goes By'.

Thursday Lounges in May have special guest teachers, an engineer, and
a pro-studio booth. RSVP at for
$37 each. Or it's $40 each Lounge by calling 310-439-9036 or emailing
based on availability.

The formerly-titled "Not a Demo Demo" is back May 20th for 6 weeks,
called "Demo Prep Steps: Commercial." This course sold out in March.
We're proud to have confirmed Stewart from, 2 casting
directors, an improv coach, a top marketing person, and one of our
most requested VO coaches.

We've set up the online calendar for Thursday nights, and since Roy is
making this up as he goes along, here's how a one-day package discount
Get the 6 Tuesdays of "Demo Prep Steps: Commercial" and 5 Thursdays in
May in less than 9 minutes.

1. Log in or sign up at

2. Transfer $185 to your VOWOL account

3. RSVP 5 Thursdays in May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

4. Email

5. You'll get a link to sign up for "Demo Prep Steps: Commercial" (for
$355 instead of $600.)

So for 33 shared studio hours with engineer and special guests:
instead of $800 , your out of pocket is $540. This is like getting a
10% discount on the Demo Prep Steps course, and the Lounges in May for
free. This offer has to expire Tuesday April 29th so Roy can start to
breathe again.

If you have any questions, please call 310-439-9036, and expect
another VOWOL update shortly.