Monday, March 17, 2008

I know this sounds crazy, but ever since yesterday on the road, I've been seeing this vowol.

Our scheduling thingie for VOWOL is now live, and " $37/lounge, that's cheaper than a babysitter" (actual quote from L.H.!)



--Sign up using a quick basic one page form: name, address, phone, email, password. (Your information is stored on a database EXCLUSIVELY for vowol.)
--Fill it up with some cash. You are steered to Paypal, which processes all payments for credits. Then it goes back again to VOWOL.
--Book your Lounge. Up to 3 standbys are available, too: if you cancel your spot in a filled-up lounge, the first standby is notified with an email, and fills your place. Cancel and reschedule up to 3 days beforehand (call or email if it's less than 3 days, we can work it out.)
--Show up and play and record and play and record.

After April 10th, you'll be grandfathered in -- yay you. New users after April 10th will have to pay a registration fee to create a new account. Think you'd like to sign up for a lounge some Thursday? Take advantage of this now while it's no cost to you.

Even with all the successful testing for the past few months, you might find some glitches and hiccups and little annoyances. If you do find something that doesn't flow right, or seem right, please email me the web page address, and what happened, so we can fix it.

Well bless your heart. Sure, it wouldn't hurt to also email when you sign up for a lounge. I'm keeping track in actual paper and pen, too. No worries -- any complaints, or challenges, just email or call 310-570-6213 and we'll work out details. If there's space, we'll get you in as we always have.


Be one of the first five to sign up fill up and  book any Thursday Lounges before April 10th, you get a $37 credit bonus. 


Call with any questions 310-570-6213 or email

OH! NOT a Demo Demo sold out, but there are a few openings for for the last weekend of the month. This 2 day intensive has always met with success. If you are interested, I'll offer a 100% money back guarantee if you're not happy with Bob Bergen and Bill Holmes' brilliance.

A final thought, if you are coming by regularly, why not add your weekly Voice Over Work Out Lounge VOWOL to your resume. You're doing the work!