Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Room With A VOWOL

Loop Group Work Out
Home Work Out - New Location!
Best In The Booth series

We have strong interest in a loop group workout - a practice-type session for beginners and those who want to brush up on etiquette and confidence. If you have always wanted to find out more about looping but didn't know where to start, or found it to be a tough nut to crack, this might be for you. Interested in more details? Please email with "LOOP PRACTICE?" in the subject line.

We have a new VO home work out location in Hollywood - with more parking and better acoustics. Sunday August 22nd from 6:30pm to 9:00pm. This particular night is $20 cash, please - only RSVP if you are sure you can make it as we're limiting the number of actors. If you would like to attend this Sunday, please email with "HOME WORKOUT" in the subject line. We'll send another update in a few days with the rest of the schedule.

Finally, there have been dozens of incredible mentors, instructors, directors, and coaches who have helped voice actors get local LA Voice Over agents, book national network TV spots, and help manage the perspective (and increase their success rate!) in this business. With our intimate professional studio environment, the conversation is a two way street, and the booth workouts are specific and focused. This series is guaranteed to be one of VOWOL's best. Please email with "BEST IN THE BOOTH SERIES" in the subject line to find out more.

It's been a while. :)