Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wow! I Could Have Had A VOWOL!

Three different things...

More Hollywood area Home workouts will be September 12, 19, 26th. For each home workout, please email one email with the subject line "12" if you'd like to come on the 12th and want more details. If you want to come to all 3, please email three times with "12" "19" "26" like that. I'm using individual emails to make sure I'm keeping track!

When you pay to sign up for the September Best In The Booth series, you or one of the other 8 actors will get a free iPad. Yeah. Why not? Email with the subject line "ipad? Seriously?" to find out the details.

Thanks for the positive loop practice interest. We're renting a studio some Saturday in September.

Till next time,