Monday, May 26, 2008

Well, here's another nice VOWOL you've gotten me into!

VERY pleased to announce a new 6 week Tuesday series, beginning July
22nd, focusing on Animation.
Limited space + amazing teachers and masters = sell out quickly

But first: the June Thursdays. gets you access to great guests, including:
Pat Fraley
James and Penny, the duo who are putting together VOICE 2008 in early
Dolores Diehl
and waiting to confirm another wonderful guest for June 5th.
Signing up for all 4 Thursdays in June gives you credit for one more.
Email for details.

Finally, space is available for you for this Thursday's Jeff Cohen

-- last minute openings -- please call 310-439-9036 and we'll fit
you in.

Lotsa wonderful things happening in the last few weeks. I look forward
to sharing the news in another email sooner than later!