Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Like what was VOWOL, Scoob?

VOWOL is at it again.

In light of a SAG voice over meeting on the 7th, and skipping the hallmark holiday on the 14th, VOWOL is on for two nights in February:

21st: surprise guest (duh duh DUHHHHH....)
28th: Breath and Relaxation class with yoga coach Wendy O.

It's $75 for these 2 in February. Let me know if the link doesn't go through, or if you have any questions.



The Voice Over Work-Out Lounge(VOWOL) offers an additional place for VO actors to take home pro-recordings by working out their acting chops in a playful and positive "gym" at a top quality recording studio, while connecting to like-minded VO people, and learning from very special guest hosts. 


(It's called the Voice-Over Work-Out Lounge.) 
Most Thursdays 
7pm to 10pm @ 
7080 Hollywood Blvd (just East of La Brea, kitty corner from Mann's Chinese.) 
Hollywood, CA