Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wouldn't You Rather Be Vowol?

August 23rd Tuesday 7pm home workout email to rsvp
August 30th Tuesday 7pm home workout email to rsvp
And... a very special one night event...

Have an iPhone? Need to send .mp3 attachments? Yes you can.

VO recording studios have evolved from a professional recording studio you go to, to a $5000+ home studio, to a plug into your laptop recording, to your pocket. If you own an iPhone 3gs or iPhone 4, you can now use it to record your VO auditions.

But most iPhone apps can either send anything but an .mp3 (for example, .wav files are usually huge, and not the current standard mp3), or a link to a webpage to download.

And as convenient as it is to use the built-in recorder, it's hard to edit, let alone email even the shortest last minute auditions.

This one night class will show you how to use your iPhone to send an actual mp3 email attachment.

Here's what you'll need:

an iPhone

The "mail" app set up and working (you need to be able to send emails)

A working app store account (you'll need to know your password; which is what you use to buy and download apps)

A basic understanding of how the iPhone works

A few apps to download (no worries, you won't jailbreak the iPhone!) These apps will charge your apple account $15 total

There are hundreds of recording and uploading apps available to use the iphone to record audio. What is the step by step process, using what combination, to get this going?

We'll take you step by step from recording audio to emailing an mp3 as an attachment.

We'll show you other tricks that allow you to get the best audio recording you can; including editing, normalizing, and amplifying.

Of course this is no replacement for an audition in studio! But if you are in a pinch, that phone in your pocket can help you get more auditions for those few times you can't make it to a recording booth.

Total for class $45

Total for app downloads $15

Wednesday night August 24th

compost productions
10707 Magnolia Blvd.
North Hollywood CA 91601

7pm to 9pm (we expect this should take one hour)

$45 Paypal to RSVP your space (email to get paypal link)

Any questions, just call 310-439-9036 or email