Friday, April 18, 2008

Go ahead, make my VOWOL.

To buy some time while our calendar erases some easy-fix hiccups, we're offering the Month of May, all 5 Thursdays, with more amazing guests! Link is below --  FIRST 4 ACTORS TO PAY FOR THE FULL MONTH get 1 comped class.

May 1 Mari Weiss -- -- one of our most requested guests, brings her skills in "Finding your Voice" -- a brilliant commercial VO coach.

May 8 Joyce Castellanos -- Promo Producer / Teacher
Joyce has been instructing promo and trailer for over seven years, working with agents and managers to train their voiceover talent, as well as working with those individuals entering the business. She has been an Audio Producer/Director for television promos for over  20 years, working at NBC, Disney Channel, Warner Marketing, and  The WB Television Network. In addition to the training, she produces Promo and Trailer demos, as well as casting.

May 15 Chris Hardouin -- Relax in the booth! In addition to a top quality studio, super-amazing microphone, amazing engineering, and pro-active actors, you get A PROFESSIONAL SHOULDER MASSAGE? Yep. This Certified Masseusse gives chair massages inbetween reads. Justin and Roy direct.

May 22 Producer Bill Holmes
Bill Holmes is an award winning director who has freelanced with casting houses over the past 15 years including, "The Voicecaster", "Sight n' Sound Casting", "Sheila Manning Casting", Danny Goldman Casting as well as his own company Compost Productions. Not only has he been working very successfully in the voiceover business for the past 25 years but he has been teaching commercial voiceover classes for the last 15 as well. Currently Bill can be heard on radio and TV commercials nationwide. This guy doesn't mess around! He knows how to drill in and find the truth of it all. It's an entertaining and educational experience you really don't want to miss!

29 Open workout
Just like it all started -- Get rounds in the booth!

Pay for 5 nights -- 15 hours in the studio --  $185. Please call or email if you can't make some. 
New! If the link above doesn't work, please go to and click on the yellow "Pay Now" button.

Also one day voice intensive with Mari Weiss are coming up. Details at

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Finally, as mentioned in the article, our "Not A Demo Demo" Tuesday night course sold out, and we're confirming more teachers when it comes back again for Tuesdays late May.