Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good To The Last VOWOL

One consistent message from all of our special guests (producers, casting directors, session directors, and agents): PRACTICE. It's the one thing you can do for your career that is always within your ability.

There are many VO workouts in the valley, west side, and Hollywood areas at different times of the week. Here are some offered by VOWOL for the next few weeks.

Ongoing workouts in Hollywood Foothills (please RSVP!)

Sunday nights 6pm to 8:30pm

Monday daytime 11:30pm to 2pm

Thursday evenings 7pm to 9:30pm

email for questions, details, and to RSVP (in the Subject: line, please specify the days of the week and the dates you are interested!)

Additionally, learning from local experts can be incredibly worthwhile, not only for "facetime," but also to hear a different perspective of the business. These nuggets of information they share are gold to the voice actor - it helps not only demystify the work, but gives a thoughtfulness that you can bring into the booth that many others might not be aware of (and sometimes, what they really want or don't want is different than what you might expect!)

If you are specifically looking to meet certain people in the business who you could learn from, please email too -- love to steer you to other places that have agent intensives, casting directors, producers, etc.! Some are coming up soon, and I am happy to forward details. Again, the winning perspective for these type of events is information gathering!

All the best till next time...