Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Something Special In The Vowol.

We are having a very special series at a Hollywood studio in the next few weeks to a month. This will be specifically for VO actors who have been looking to see what Casting Directors look for in their actors. We'll also get feedback from Casting Directors from our reads. Right now, we are building quite a powerful group of local working Casting Directors to guest direct, and setting and confirming dates - if you are interested, please email with the subject "CD SERIES."

Additionally, questions about networking and career advancement come up at our workouts. Mainly specific steps VO actors can take that are effective. There are many coaches I like to direct people to based on their specific needs; and now, we are going to have Braden Wright come by for an hour or so after a workout to give his Publicity experience and see how it applies to us. Please email to let me know your interest and we'll let you know dates.

Thanks for all your participation, playfulness, and sharing.